Meet our director, Mrs. Gretchen Gustin

Gretchen is a Florida native who began her dance training under the watchful eye of world renowned instructors from different backgrounds and  countries. At the age of 9, she began competing all over Florida  receiving many awards.  At the aged of 17 she moved to Utah to attend school and joined Synergy Contemporary company and was signed with Focus Talent Agency and  hired for various TV commercials. Mrs. Gustin is well known for paying strick attention to making sure her dancers are not only great performers but also amazing technicians.

"It doesn't matter how old or young you are if you want something you have to put in the work to become the best and you can be the best, all you need is that desire in the classroom because the classroom is where it all begins" 

Mrs. Gustin has received multiple choreography awards at various dance competition and her young and small group of only 13 dancers win many awards and scholarships. The team also placed top 10 in every catagory they competed, earning the  nickname of

"Tiny but Mighty" 

Auditions for 3NM Competition Team are held every summer. 

Want to join our team? 
e-mail Mrs. Gretchen at or follow her on Instagram @theofficlaltrainner